About Us

Nelson Design Architect is a full service architecture and interior design consultant based in Jakarta. The firm’s design approach is to provide clients with vivid 3D concept images that are close to realization, therefore all clients have clear visualization about their final result.


For more than 10 years of experience in 3D architectural, Nelson has been Awarded from international 3D community, such as: The Best of Evermotion Award, CG Arena Excellence Award, Daily Deviaton at www.deviantart.com, CG Chosen Gallery, 3DTotal Excellence Award, and one of The Best 50 Architectural from www.CGArchitect.com. Thus led him to cooperate with clients from various countries; such as in Dubai, Latvia, USA, Australia and many other countries that are interested in his 3D designs.


Now the firm itself is concentrating in designing projects such as high-end residentials/ villas, buildings, and commercials space. However our team always strive to create inspiring design regardless the size or the type of projects. We are dedicated to bring you the best customization, optimum use of space with infusion of luxurious details.

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